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It’s likely TripBee is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, so we understand if you have. some questions. We hope we have the answers you’re looking for here in our “Frequently asked Questions”, but if not feel free to contact us anytime via the “Questions & Feedback” form above.

What is TripBee?

TripBee is a Travel Research & Itinerary Planning platform. Our forthcoming app enables users to gather their travel research and build their itineraries in one place. We also create content to help you research and plan your travel more easily. We are not a travel agent or booking aggregator, but we can work with ones that you use.

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What’s with all the cats?

So weird, right? All of our team members just happen to be cat parents. Except for Martin. He has a dog, but we’re wearing him down. Also, cats travel well.**

** might be a lie.

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